Big thanks to our sponsors

I wanted to offer a few kind words of thanks to our sponsors. There are a lot of organizations that support keeping our dogs instead of killing them and euthanizing them. And there’s too many to thank on here right off the top of my mind, but I did want to mention just a couple individuals and organizations who have kept this website running and they have been very much so supportive throughout the years.

The first is PETA, ( Who supports the ethical treatment of animals in all it’s forms. They have been around for a very long time and philosophically they are very close to what we’re trying to do here. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with many of their authors and their members and we are very thankful that they support us so much.

We also want to thank a very special vet named Tom Brown. He has always been kind in dealing with us, and his practice provides a lot of information that we draw from as far as statistics about Doog killings and alternatives to that. In fact one of the articles that we wrote was based on the information from this vet. So big thanks to you we definitely appreciate all that you do, Dr. Brown!

Another sponsor has been an organization in California a business actually.  The leaders at This solar company have been extremely generous with their time and donations. Their website is and they have been a huge support to everything we’ve done here. So we greatly appreciate that as well, thank you so much.

And finally, we want to thank all the people that have put in all the work behind-the-scenes who don’t get enough credit- including the administrators of the site, the bloggers and all of those who work so much to get the word out about unnecessary dog killing in our country. From the top to the bottom levels of the organization of this website we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart and tell you how much we appreciate your energy and effort into this cause. We would not be able to do it alone and or without you and our hope is that you keep up the good work for many years to come. Thanks again!

I know we’re probably leaving people out but as I think of them, people to thank that is, I will go back in and add them so if you think you should nominate somebody or someone’s name should be on this article, please feel free to privately message me or email me and I will review it and will give them credit for all the help.

Moral Reasons to keep and not kill your dog

As you may or may not know, the Bible says “thou shall not kill”, with the literal meaning “thou shall not murder. ”

And what that really means is thou shall not kill another person, but the same thing applies to animals when you’re killing them needlessly, which can be considered morally wrong by not just Christianity, but many other religions as it could in some circumstances violate the natural law.

So God’s creation is meant for us to be enjoyed. And all the animals of God’s kingdom serve a  purpose and they should definitely be treated with respect. As I stated over and over again with the quote from Gandhi a society is only as good as they treat their animals. And I think that’s true to a certain degree. I mean look at all of the conventional food to be produced in this country. A Ton of it is just sick food. Food that’s produced from animals only for profit. I mean the animals welfare is totally disregarded. Animals life are just look at from a profit perspective.

The same applies to how some people treat their pets. Some people totally disregard dogs when they feel like it. We just kill them for no good reason. And that’s just wrong. More for what we think is a good reason because there are overpopulated. Just give your dog up to an adoption agency for crying out loud and you won’t have any that on your hands. Because as I believe God would want you to do. Is not right murder your dog but to keep it and if you’re going to keep it or not want to didn’t give it away, just to give it to adoption shelter, which we have written about in other articles.  So honestly, there’s not a great reason to ever kill your dog needlessly. We’ve written about the 20 ‘practical‘ reasons not to, as well as now the moral reasons.

So if you’re going to consider it, please reconsider because there’s a lot of people out there who are in need of furry friends and could use the dog you’re about to kill.

20 more reasons to keep ( and not kill) your dog

2 With everything that is going on in regards to the dog killing crisis in our country, there are so many good reasons to keep your dog. The first reason then we came up with is that they are truly man’s best friend. They provide you unconditional love, and will always be there for your support. As far as our family goes, our dog has helped us get through the hardest of times. And they never judge you and are only there to love you.

The second reason is for practical reasons. If you have a dog it’s well-trained, they can go out and get the newspaper in the morning. Or they can help you around the house if there like a seeing eye dog or something. So there’s a lot of practical purposes the dogs house.

The third reason is for security purposes. Even if your dog isn’t an attack dog a lot of time so alert you when somebody is at your door or somebody breaks in or somebody is walking around outside. No obviously you don’t want them barking all day long but if a stranger comes up a block or two incredibly helpful.

The fourth reason we could think of was for health benefits. Did you know that petting a dog has extremely relaxing and stress relieving properties? And with our world being a stressful it is crazy as it is, we could use every bit of stress release available.

The fifth reason is for the kids. If you have kids, and a decent behaved dog, you know darn well that kids absolutely love dogs. I love petting them, they look sleeping with them, they love swimming with them, I just love playing with them altogether. Just last night, our daughter was sleeping with her dog and was really sad that she was able to sleep through the night for. You do not underestimate how much kids love dogs and how much of a part of the family think they please don’t kill your dog is a lot of other options out there and you can check out our other article hear about those options.

Alternatives to Dog Killing

There’s very few circumstances were you should actually kill your dog. Just a nasty thing to think about that so many people are so lazy dogs down. Here’s a few alternatives that we thought of it you can do to not kill your dog. How about giving them to a friend? Friends love dogs. For the most part this is true. If you are like-minded, you have like-minded friends and the chances are if you have a dog they were like a dog. My parents got a dog for me when I was little, and it was actually a friend of a friend who gave it to us. That’s just one really simple way that you can not kill your dog is to just give it away to a friend or even a family member that wants to take it.

The other alternative is to give it to agents. A lot of shelters are no kill shelter’s will take care of the dog until it finds a home. For the best and you can do is this especially if you can’t find anybody that will take your dog. It’s a simple alternative but is an alternative. Probably the best way to not kill your dog is to just take care of your damn dog. Your dog can be like a part of your family if you train right. I’m not saying dogs have to be perfectly well behaved, but most people hate their dogs, or I should say, most people who do hate, hate them because they are so miss behave. If you could just take a couple of hours a week to train them properly, they will not be miss behaved psycho.

And that’s really all that it takes. Is a few hours a week, and just little bit of exercise. And then they can become a well formed member of your family that has a source of great joy and of great happiness and excitement to your family for the kids and also for the neighborhood as well. These are just a few simple as having your dog put down. You’ve already written about why you should not put your dog down, and what this website is all about, so we hope that you take this into consideration share this with. So if you know somebody that is considering putting her dog down, here is the website for production agencies that are no kill.

That means they do not they cannot find. It will take care of them for as long as they need to, Which is awesome because that great compassion and a great sign of love and respect for animals. (more…)

Welcome to new blog!

Dog killing is rampant in our country today. Everybody thinks they need to euthanize their dogs and homeless shelters for dogs will put them down if they don’t find an owner. Time because a lot of them are overcrowded. What a tragedy that is today. I started the site to raise awareness about dogs going on a massive scale in our country, and a bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t kill your dog and why putting it down unless they are extremely terminally ill or have a behavioral problem so bad that you can’t correct it are some of the very rare occasions where you should put your dog down.

But in most circumstances that process of euthanizing is totally overused, is just like when it’s inconvenient for us we just go our dogs. We do the same thing with our babies, which is really unfortunate because we’ve killed over 53 million people which is about three times the Holocaust and nobody really ever even says anything about it.

You know, Gandhi once said the way we treat our animals is how great our society really truly is. And I think there is a lot of truth to that.

We treat our animals mostly like crap, and we have a mostly crappy society with no respect for other human beings, no respect for animals, no respect for God, no respect for ourselves, no respect for authority, for our country, or for anything or anyone really for the most part. I mean take a look at what happened in Orlando this weekend. 50+ people dead.

The word shooting in history of our country. And what does this have to do with killing your dog? Why think it’s related because again, what God he said was how we treat our animals is how great our society will be. And again since we have no respect for animals, the defenseless was, we have no respect for other things.So I’m trying to raise awareness on this blog to help other people realize they don’t have to kill their dogs, that adoption is a really great option, and there are no kill adoption agencies, as well as shelters that will not put dogs down if you don’t have an owner within a certain amount of days. So I think it’s a great and noble thing to do rescues, and if you train them right,  their behavior will be just fine.

You need to put a little bit of effort into it for sure, but there’s no reason why, regardless of how awful he behave or insecure the dog is training to be well behaved. There’s one of my favorite examples of taking a awful dog and training it into a submissive, secure dig.

Pretty crazy right? There’s just a ton of reasons why you should just keep your Dog and not kill them and why we shouldn’t have a society, which is what I was writing on the coming days and months.